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Self-Build Mortgages

Planning on
building your

dream home?

Build your home, exactly how you want it!

Laying the foundations for your home is exciting especially when it’s designed to suit your needs. The right mortgage choice can be the building blocks to your new home. That’s why our self-build mortgage takes care of what you need. Why not use our Mortgage Calculator below or speak to a member of our Mortgage Advisory Team to get you started with your self build mortgage application

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Mortgage application

Whether you have a site with full planning permission or just started saving your deposit, you can book an appointment with one of our mortgage consultants.

We will take you through all you need to know, from picking the right mortgage rate to explaining anything you are unsure of. Depending on how far along you are in the process, at your appointment we can give you an initial indication of what we could lend you or start with your mortgage application straight away.

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Application and mortgage approval

To make your application you will need to provide some documents. You can find the required documents here. Your mortgage consultant will be in regular contact with you to help with any questions you might have. When your mortgage is approved, you will be issued with a letter of offer.

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Your Build Begins

Your build can then get underway. Each stage of the build is funded through stage payments until your home is complete. You only pay interest on what you’ve actually drawn down, not on the whole mortgage.

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Stage Payments

You can receive your payments in 4-6 stages depending on your build. Here is an example:

  • 1st stage payment - Site purchase

  • 2nd stage payment - Demolition, site preparation and foundations

  • 3rd stage payment - Floor Level certified by your assigned certifier and requested through your solicitor

  • 4th stage payment - Roof Level. The shell or frame has been built

  • 5th stage payment - Finished property. Plasterwork has been completed and the property is habitable

  • 6th stage payment - Post completion. Final valuation and Certificate of Compliance issued

Each stage must be certified by your assigned certifier and requested through your solicitor.

For additional support or to start your journey home,

call us on 0818 677 678 or book an appointment today.



Do We Qualify?

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